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Cheese… milk's leap toward immortality
Childhood crushes... 
20th-Sep-2007 02:01 pm
got my heart
Today at work we were yet again talking about something completely random while we were waiting for the chief editor to watch the video and pick it apart like he always does and always makes it worse.

Today's topic was 'childhood crushes'. Most were either actresses, actors, especially James Dean or supermodels.

Who was mine?

(of The Clash for those unfamiliar)

Yep, I know this is sad to admit but I had a Joe Strummer lunch box, a Clash t-shirt, well many Clash t-shirts but one in particular I'd painted over everyone in art class minus Joe Strummer. lol I also had a picture like above screenprinted on my school bag.

Now, I'm not a freak and it really wasn't just because he was hot I promise. The Clash, the WHOLE of The Clash, were and still are my second favourite band but Queen will always reign.

I still have that lunchbox but I don't use it. Random things are just stored in there I just can't remember what and it's also packed in a box somewhere but it's too cool to get rid of.

Right now, I don't really have a crush, I think people are hot, Justin Theroux in particular but not so much when he's not a character in a movie/tv show. He looked sexy as hell in Alias, Six Feet Under, the Hysteria music video and Charlie's Angels. I don't know many other movie's/tv show's he's been in... lol

Oh! Yes I do. Sex and the City but he didn't have the sexy Alias hair neither did he in the other movies I remember him being in, that stupid Duplex movie. I really didn't like that besides the semi okay perve factor that was Justin Theroux. :D

I've have to get some more work done but I will throw the question out there for those on my friends list, who was your childhood crush and your now celebrity crush? If you're game enough to say. :)
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27th-Sep-2007 01:02 pm (UTC)
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