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I had to ring up my bank today, because for some reason my netbanking wasn't working. To confirm who I was I had to give them the answers to 2 secret questions. Well, being a smart arse and writing well, innapropriate thinks backfired on me today. lol

Imagine what it would be like your parents walking in on you having sex, THAT'S how embarassing and uncomfortable it was.

To make it worse the guy cracked up laughing and I swear I was bright red and my cheeks were burning I was that embarassed. I'd have most likely died if I actually KNEW the person.

BUT, in less embarassing and exciting news I got my NCIS and The Office (UK) DVDs today which almost, but not really, made up for that embarassing probably 10 minutes of my life.

I have a think for TV shows lately and I'm trying to think of what TV shows I love that I don't own the boxsets to so I can buy them.

So far I own: BTVS, Absolutely Fabulous, House, Alias, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, Charmed (I won that though. The books cool but I've never watched the show), The Young Ones...

I KNOW there are more shows I like, oh and I own the Friends boxest but back to more shows I like... I can't think of more I like right now.

I hope I get over my need for more DVDs craving because I'm SUPPOSED to be saving money for my overseas trip at the start of the new year.

It's 2am here so I should get some sleep seeing as I'm going to see both Tropic Thunder and Stepbrothers tomorrow. :D
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