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An introduction of me.

First of all, to indroduce myself, my name's Aurelia. :)

I was born in 'Czechoslovakia', meaning I was born before it ceased to exist but moved to Ireland before I could even talk in which I lived up until I was 13. We packed up and moved to London, I got to see two London Christmas' before we moved to Australia when I was almost 16 and I'm still here...

It's sad really that my 'first language' is English but I've grown up in English speaking countries my whole life and know little of my native tongue. Just enough to say Merry Christmas to the relatives each year although I'm slowly learning, I want to learn because that's who I really am and wish I could have lived there longer prior to moving to Ireland.

Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Ireland and loved living there and I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to live in 4 different countries in my short existence, to experience what I have.

I have an older brother, no other siblings and my mum and dad are still happily married. My dad buys companies down on their luck and makes them strong only to re-sell them at a profit. Mum, she's an author, well, if you can call her that. She writes the kind of books that has Fabio look-a-likes on the front cover. It's shameful so don't ask and lucky she goes under an Alias. My brother's following in my dad's footsteps so he doesn't have to go to Uni to learn something, he's quite lazy but he loves money and is confident, that's all you need in dad's business.

Me? I don't like talking about myself, I've never been good at it. I remember, I was being interviewed after making a documentary for my final piece to complete my media degree and they asked me questions about myself and I was clueless. Ask me questions about my family, my doco or anything but me and I'm fine, I could talk for hours but try I will.

I, as I just stated, have a degree in media and don't do anything else but have a part-time job at KFC which is really bad for my hips! :) I'm shy therefore I like to be behind the scenes. Directing, producing and it's the only time I come out of my shell and I also get to be bossy and it's quite fun people doing what you tell them to do. :D

- I've never had a nickname besides the perverted guy who calls me 'legs', I like to avoid him.

- I could live on pizza, Chinese, porridge and guardian cereal. Well, that is if I wanted to be obese. I'm a lazy person. I did sign up at a gym once. I went twice within the year that I paid membership for. I felt good and proud that I wanted to get more healthy then the novelty wore off.

- I don't smoke. I have had one but that was the last because I couldn't stand the smell on my fingers even after I washed them.

- I want to go back to the Czech Republic, to Prague and live for a few years. Not forever because there's opportunities here that I wouldn't get in the Czech Republic.

- I can't stand the smell of meat cooking or oysters. If I do smell meat cooking I just can't eat it.

- My favourite bands would have to be, well top 3 at least, Queen, The Clash and Placebo.

- I don't watch much TV but I watched Alias religiously and I also watch Numb3rs if I remember what day it's on.

That's pretty much the extend of my profile for now. If you want to learn more about me gradually, please, feel free to add me. :)
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